Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Invite to Opine #3: facebook

This blog's editorial staff is married on facebook.  We find that our faux-union is a pleasing simulacrum of our real-life long term, committed best friendship.  But we also know that marriage is a real state for some folks and that our misapplication of the "relationship type" function on that website is perhaps dishonest.  

What are the taste issues involved in misrepresentation on social networking sites?  


gander said...

Make that "straight up lying" not "perhaps dishonest."

Jeff H. said...

People who don't thoroughly maintain their 20-odd social networks deserve the gallows. Each is like an old-growth tree that, if cared for properly, will live for many years, offering shade and oxygen and beauty to us and all of the Earth's creatures. Except Friendster. And MySpace. And now that my mom is on Facebook. Seriously, though: Social networks are like trendy nightclubs. In one year, out the other. It's futile investing much time in their upkeep.